We offer you an extensive wedding package!  From live music during your ceremony, DJing and officiating, we can tailor our array of talent and abilities to accommodate you on your special day. Whether the small footprint of a duo or a full band, we can musically offer you a setup that fits your idea of a perfect day precisely. Want a DJ on top of that? Well, that is not problem with us! We are a one-stop-shop.

We both have a solid musical background; Dana being an accomplished vocalist and violinist, Sergio being an accomplished guitar player and vocalist. We have a diverse array of gifts and abilities. With our top-notched equipment, as a duo we can sound more like a full band. And of course, if you do desire a full band, that can be arranged. To date, we have been able to play any arrangement thrown at us. On a few occasions, we have even written new song arrangements for the bride and groom that tell their story to original music. You only need to share your heart’s desire with us. Our sound is unique. Along with acoustic instruments such as guitars and violin, we incorporate synth sounds. Synth allows us to add sounds from orchestra to Celtic sounds. This dimension adds a more full sound and is pleasant to the ear. It is the perfect fit for a wedding ceremony or any other scenario you can dream up.

The sound in the video below has not been edited. We want you to hear some of the “natural” sounds that we produce. Since a “polished” or “edited” video various from a live setting, we want our clients to hear in this video what they can basically expect from us as a duo.



“I can’t thank Dana and Sergio enough for singing at my Wedding! A wedding day is crazy and hectic as it is making sure everyone and everything goes just right I didn’t have to worry about a thing when it came to the music they took care of it all! I was nervous and really didn’t know what songs to pick but they took the time to send me several songs to choose from, they both have beautiful harmonic voices! They made our day so special!” —Johanne Kellam

“I would like to say that you all provided great music. I felt honored to have the two of you involved in my special day. Dana has such a beautiful voice. Love the way you two come together and let God use the gifts that dwells in you all. No one will be disappointed in the services you all provides. May God continue the work that he had began in the both of you.”—Emma Gilmore

“Dana and Sergio did a wonderful job performing a duet at our wedding. They also did an awesome job at our reception entertaining guests awaiting the bridal party and DJ’ing the first part of the night. They helped in making it a perfect day!!”—Lindsay & Carter Burke

“Dana and Sergio did an amazing job for our 16th vowel renewal ceremony. They both are blessed with beautiful voices and many talents. They both helped to make our day special.”—Shannon & Manny Torres

“Dana and Sergio have great talent! We hired them back in 2017 and we were not disappointed. Their beautiful music helped set the tone for the entire ceremony. I couldn’t recommend them enough!” John Wilkerson

“Sergio and Dana performed at our daughter’s wedding. I could not have asked for anyone better! Beautifully done. I am so glad they were part of our special day.” Richard and Amy Gunter